September 15, 2020

Minutes to Midnight - a Nuclear Opera

Deep in the bowels of a bunker in North Dakota, 20-some-year-olds Lieutenants Martinez and Walker have one job: follow protocol. If the phone rings, answer it, verify code, initiate launch. No room for error. No room for thought. Just wait for the call. A call that in fifty years has never come.  To pass time they play cards, have spitting contests, and try – try – not to think.  Above ground, a new president is about to be elected into office.

In collaboration with the librettist Sophia Chapadjiev, this is the first opera I have worked on. We have been working on this piece for over a year now, and we are going to premiere it as part of the 2020 Tete a Tete Opera Festival!

April 23, 2020

Self Imposed Exile

Counting up the days, keeping myself sane, hoping others are staying safe, and feeling particularly grateful for the NHS.

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