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Photo Credit: Matthew Norriss | Piraxa Studios

Composer for Choirs...

In 2023, John Sturt became one of the composers taken on board by the Choir and Organ Magazine's New Music Series. With the choir of King's College London, under the direction of Joseph Fort, Sturt created "The Doubter's Prayer" after the poem by Anne Brontë.

Listen to the piece!

Composer for Soloists, Ensembles and Orchestras...

John Sturt has written for a wide variety of instrumental ensembles, from string quartets... full orchestra

Composer for Opera...

In 2020, Librettist Sophia Chapadjiev and Composer John Sturt created a nuclear opera in the form of Minutes to Midnight. In the face of crushing moral responsibility while a divisive presidential election, do you follow orders or do you listen to your conscience?

“From this unlikely subject matter, Sturt and Chapadjiev have created an extraordinary work of vivid contrasts”

Dominica Plummer of Spy in the Stalls, on "Minutes to Midnight"

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