I am a detail person by nature: I will check and recheck my scores and parts to make sure they are readable and playable. It's little wonder, therefore, that I have a great interest in the work of the copyist.

Put simply, a copyist is the person that makes the score and parts readable and ready for use by musicians. Good, readable scores and parts are nearly always taken for granted. Indeed, it is as much a bread and butter necessity as is good musicianship and collaboration.

I have experience in copying and typesetting scores and parts on both a large and small scale, and across a wide range of music. I have a suite of tools which allow me to quickly create clean and readable parts and scores for your project: I use the industry standard software of Sibelius and Dorico, and I reference the seminal copyist's manual, "Behind Bars" by the incomparable Elaine Gould.

     Crucially, I also have a fast turnaround: very useful for time limited projects!

If you want to contract my services as a copyist, please use the contact form.