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"His beautifully scored works are a true delight to listen to, and to perform...the work was deeply admired by the listeners"
Natalia Wierzpicka, Violinist

"...a psyche characterised by high emotional quality which is obvious in his lively, pictorially moving sound. As a singer who has interpreted John's music, I feel glad I had the chance to work with him"

Danae Komodromou, Professor of Vocal Studies at Athens Conservatoire


"[John] is a very competent violinist and singer: having already performed as a violinist in a concert of mine, he was able to step in, at the last minute, to bolster my choir!"
Tori Longdon, Conductor


"I asked John to transpose some tricky Icelandic and Swedish art song repertoire from some very old and unclear scores. It was a last minute job that needed both speed and accuracy and a very keen eye for detail. John produced the most beautifully clear and sensibly laid out scores I could have asked for and all in a very short space of time. I cannot fault his work."
Daniel Turner, Tenor
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