Aspects of the Wind -

Duets for 2 Violins

This is the second in a series of duets in which I respond to the ideas of the ancient four elements: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. I wrote these for my two friends, Natalia Wierzpicka and Matthew Norriss, the same dedicatees of Aspects of Fire.

The Four Movements are as follows:

I - Gale
II - Breeze
III - Mistral
IV - Gale (reprise)


The Gale movements are very fast and technically demanding on both players. The main melodic idea was inspired by an improvisation that I recorded.

In Breeze, the violins speed up and slow down in loose concert with each other, and it describes the rising and falling of a light breeze.

The Mistral, in real life, is a strong and cold wind that blows from Southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the Mediterrenean. In this piece, it is in a calm state, but the character of the piece turns from a lukewarm major mode at the beginning to cold in the minor key.

The reprise of the Gale starts slowly, but gradually speeds up to an intense and virtuosic ferocity with a spectacular finish for both violinists.


Duration: 5 Minutes