Aspects of Fire - Duets for 2 Violins

Duets are, to me, an expression of a symbiotic relationship: one cannot be without the other. I came up with the title "Aspects of Fire" after a meditation on the importance of flame's ingredients (Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen) - much like the duet, if any one of these components is missing, there is no fire.


The movements are as follows:

1 - Ignition
2 - Sparks
3 - Embers
4 - Colourdance

The first three movements are all new, but the final piece "Colourdance" was originally written at the request of Natalia Wierzpicka and Sophie-Anne Chaplin in 2015. Now, it makes a fitting finale to this small suite of duets.


Duration: 7 Minutes