A Moment

Written for the American Soprano Kirstie Mosher, this is a short but sweet song about a frozen instant in time. I wrote this as a thank you gift for Mosher, who had helped me out on various recordings before returning to the United States.


I already knew the M.E. Coleridge poem "The Blue Bird" (famously set to music by Charles Villiers Stanford), and I wanted to find other works of her's that I might be able to set. "A Moment" is the perfect length for a short and sweet song: it is only two stanzas in length. The main harmonic idea which begins the piece was something I stumbled across in an improvisation that I did, and from there came the entire piece.


Duration: Circa 2 Minutes

A Moment_Range (High).png
A Moment_Range (Medium).png
A Moment_Range (Low).png

High Voice

Medium Voice

Low Voice